Welcome to Code Blue Medical Clinic! Below, meet our specialists!


The Best Cardiologist In the World, Dr. Joshua!

Hi. I am 45 years old and when I was young I played a lot of soccer and I was in the English Premier league. At 30 I started my career as a doctor. That was only because I was reading a lot of books on the human body and I thought that it was interesting to specialize on the heart. Here is a fact that I read: that your heart is the 2nd biggest organ in your body. If you want to know more about me or for me to do a surgery on you, make an appointment today.

Sincerly Dr. Joshua

The Pulmonologist Guy, Dr. Kevin!

Hi, I am Dr. Kevin and I’m a Pulmonologist. I am 30 years old and I have just graduated from Medical School for the Best. I wanted to become a doctor because I wouldn’t like people dying and it would be a good thing saving someone’s life. I wanted to become a Pulmonologists because I thought the lungs were very interesting and many people are dying because a lot of people are smoking. If you have any problems with your lungs or want more information about the respiratory system contact Code Blue Medical Clinic. Remember make an appointment.

The Best Immunologist in the World, Dr. Sawyer!

Hello, I am Dr. Sawyer. I am an Immunologist in The Code Blue Medical Clinic. I am 50 years old, my favorite sport is baseball, and I am from New York. I used to be on the Phillies and I play 1st base, pitcher and catcher. The other medical doctors in my clinic are Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Vanessa, Dr. Josh, Dr. Kevin, and Dr. Mikaela. I graduated from High school in New York when I was 13 because I was way too smart. Then I went to Harvard and graduated when I was 20. Please make an appointment!

The Best Orthopedic Surgeon in the World, Dr. Mikaela!

Hello I am Dr. Mikaela I am Orthopedic Surgeon .I was born in Berlin, Germany, 1969. I grew up in Cairo,Egypt and Dubai. I was always liked going to the doctor so I became one. I went to Oxford and learned how to be a doctor. I planned to move to Rome and London. After 6 years of study, I graduated in 1995. Then I met with my friend and we build a clinic. We just have take our boards and we can open the clinic. I can’t wait for our clinic to open!

Dr. Elizabeth, the Gastroenterologist!

Hey, I’m Dr. Elizabeth and I’m a Gastroenterologist. I have just joined the amazing Code Blue Medical Clinic along with Dr. Sawyer, Dr. Vanessa, Dr. Joshua (Josh), Dr. Kevin, and Dr. Mikaela. I was born in New York, and raised in L.A. I graduated from Harvard Medical University. I am 23 years old. I keep you posted about Me!

Dr. Vanessa, the Neurologist!

Hello! I am Dr. Vanessa, the neurologist in Code Blue Medical Clinic. I am 30 years old, and I have just graduated from medical school in England in 2005. I was born in Shanghai, China, and I moved to England to attend university when I graduated from high school. I have been studying neurology for six years, and I am opening a clinic with some of my fellow friends: Dr. Sawyer, Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Mikaela, Dr. Joshua, and Dr. Kevin.

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