Name: Daryl
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Diagnoses: Type-2 Diabetes
Symptoms: Confused and disoriented.

Daryl is a 17 teen year old man. He was rushed into the emergency room after later being found confused and disoriented (out of touch). Tests reveal that he has Type-2 diabetes.

What is Type-2 diabetes?

When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin which is a hormone produced in you pancreas which helps absorb glucose (a type of sugar in your body) or when the body doesn’t know how to use the insulin properly (sometimes building it up in the blood).

What factors most likely contributed to the development of Type- 2 Diabetes?

80% to 90% of the people with type 2 diabetes are overweight, which means that they weight 20% more than they should. Most people with diabetics are over 55 years old. Exercise to keep a healthy body weight. If a relative has diabetes you have a double chance of getting it. If relatives have diabetes quadruple (4x) of getting it.

What effect can this disease have on the systems of his body?

If not treated well, Type-2 diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart diseases, and nerve damages. Also it relates to these systems:

Type 2 diabetes and other body systems

People with type 2 diabetes can result in feeling thirsty all the time, more bathroom takes, feeling tired and cranky, and have blurred vision. When you have high blood glucose for many years, it harms the blood vessels that bring oxygen to the nerves and damage nerve coverings. Nerves damaged could stop sending messages or take a long time to process. Diabetes type 2 can also damage the blood vessels and the fats clog the veins to the heart and could cause a heart attack or heart disease. High blood pressure is also at risk. Another affection is the digestive system. The pancreas makes a substance called insulin that balances the sugar in the body. Without this substance, your body will become unbalanced with the rate of sugar in your body/blood. But with all these things, what can Daryl do? Daryl should eat a healthy diet and reduce the consumption of fat, calories, and cholesterols.

external image fat.jpg external image organic-vegetablesTRY GRAPES, APPLES, CARROTS, CAULIFLOWERS, POTATOES, HAMBURGERS...


Exercising for 30 to 60 minutes for most days of the week can control his weight. Regular blood test to detect extra glucose in the blood is also essential.

What resources are available to help him?

Daryl should visit American Diabetes Association or go to their website: www.diabetes.org/home.jsp. Otherwise he should take insulin pills.

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