Ella-Safety First-second degree Sunburns

Patient's Name:Ella
Symptoms:Blisters and reddened skin.
Diagnosis: You can use ALOE VERA as a cure and you can also use SUN BLOCK there are more cures below.
Cure:Aloe Vera Stem, tea tree oil,Vasaline,Emu oil,mosterizers, and maybe wash her in cold water.Drink a lot of fuids. I dont mean like coke,100 plus just like WATER.

When you get a second degree burn you should first apply cold water for 10 minutes but if the second degree burn is open do not apply the water instead apply sterile gauze. Do not apply burn ointments to your burnts.
This problem relates to the Immune System because the immune system helps to heal your wounds and protect your body from bacteria/viruses, lavender oil can speed up the healing process for the sunburn.
Solutions:Protective clothing and sun shades, aloe vera lotion and sunblock


This is how a second degree burn can look like:

Picture URL: http://images.webmd.com/images/hw/media69/medical/hw/n5551145.jpg