Patient data:

Name- Melissa

Age- 16 years old

Gender- Female

Symptoms of Melissa: She was rushed to our emergency center because she collapsed in class later her mother revealed that she ate extremely small amounts of food. Her symptoms included small weight, eating disorders and collapsing in class.

Diagnosis of Melissa: She is has anorexia nervosa which means she eats very little. With no food in her body she doesn‘t have any energy to do physical activity.

Effects On Her Body Systems: The heart and blood will be effected she will have low blood presure, heart failer, anemia and other blood problems. Muscles, bones and joints will be effected by oseoporosis easy fractures, weak muscles and swollen joints. The bones will not be able to repair themselfs as fast because, and grow they getting enough nutrition and calcium when she is not eating.her immune system is getting affected because since she isn’t getting enough food her bones cannot produce red and white blood cells. Her blood won’t have enough food so her muscles and organs aren’t getting any nutrition. She has electrolyte imbalances so her muscle impulses aren’t very strong and she cannot look at bright objects or she will faint. The brain is effected in a way that she loses memory, she will become sad and irritable and she will faint. The Digestive system is effect by constepation and bloating.

Cure: To cure Melissa of her anorexia nervoso she will have to be hospitalised to make sure she eats and go through psychotherapy. She will have to try very hard to look at herself in a positive way and not let her anorexia nervosa take over her life.