Age: 48 years old
Gender: Male
Symptoms: coughing and gasping for air
Diagnosis: lung cancer

The solution is:
Having a tumour in your lungs affects many body systems. For an example, with your muscular/skeletal system your bones and muscles get weak also your joints don't work well. Smoking for a very long time affects the chemicals in your brain and makes you act very strange such as sleeping when you should be staying wide awake. Smoking damages your Digestive System alot, you could get heartburn, Liver cancer and possibly Crohn's disease. A tumour affects the respiratory system because the tumour is in your lungs and there is not a lot of space for oxygen to get in the lungs. Smoking is really bad, because when you smoke the cancer and other diseases grow larger and they make an army. Then the diseases take over your body and get cancer. The Atherclerosis is a kind of heart disease caused by smoking. It blockes the arteries and causes it to clot. The types of chemicals that get mutated by smoking are you have very big mood swings, you will want to destroy things regulary and you have the nature in your brain changed.
Our solution for Mr.simons is that he should have his tumour removed and after that he should take chemotherapy and Radiation. Most importantly he should STOP SMOKING!
The resouces that are available are:

  • rehab ceanter for smoking
  • non-tabacco ciggaretes
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation
  • medicines for other affects