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Immunologist, the amazing Dr, Bea

Hi, I'm Bea. Dr. Bea, and I have been working 24-7 for at least 100 years to graduate from my Remedy Medical Clinic's training school. I'm quite old now. About 150 or so (I lost count after 121) and I work as the Remedy Medical's amazing Immunologist! I love being a doctor and have been a doctor for about 50 years now. Read my specialist page to see what I know about the immune system!

Dr. Malaika’s Biography
Hi, I’m Dr. Malaika. I’m a graduate from Harvard Medical University and I graduated in 1997. I’m 25, I’m French, but I’ve spent most of my life in the Maldives. I am now a doctor in Remedy Medical along with Drs. Devyani, Sekheena, Bea, Johan and Remy. I’m an Orthopedic Surgeon. That means I study about muscles and bones. I work in London, the capital of England, but I go on several business trips around Europe to help other patients.

The Life Of Dr. Sekheena
An Autobiography of Dr. Sekheena, a Gastroenterologist.
Hi! My name is Dr. Sekheena, and I am a Gastroenterologist. I am from The Caribbean, but have lived most of my life in London. I just graduated from the Oxford Medical University. At the moment, I am 23 years. I live with my two sisters, Sonia and Jasmine, and my cat, Coco in a London Pent House Apartment. My sister, Sonia works in Mango as a Fashion Designer, my other sister, Jasmine, works in the chic clothing store, Forever 21. I love to travel, and snorkel around the Caribbean. At the age of 65, I plan to retire and become a teacher at a Medical University. I have a very strong interest in the digestive system, and hope to get my Masters Degree and a PHD.

Dr. Johan, My Life As A Super Doctor
Hello all Medical Doctors, my name is Dr. Johan. I’m a 26-year-old Super Doctor that has millions of lives. I’m a Pulmonologist. I went to S.I.M.S, which means Swedish International Medical School. There I was an A Student my whole time at S.I.M.S. I was born in United States, New York. Then I moved to Sweden and started Medical School. I decided to be a Doctor when I was in High School. An International Doctor from Alabama had come to my High School in New York to teach use about his Medical Clinic. After that I have been so into to it.

Dr Devyani’s Life as a Doctor
Dr. Devyani's autobiography as a Cardiologist

Hey! My name’s Dr. Devyani. I’m from Rome and I just graduated from Harvard Medical University! At the moment, I’m 21 years old and I live in London, England. My favorite shop in London is “Forever 21.” I live with my sister, Rosanda and my dog, Chic in a 3-story corner house on Rover Lane. Rosanda is a model and Chic is an actress who acts in movies that include dogs. I travel all around the world and try to help poor people who don’t have enough money. I have made lots of friends in my clinic. I started learning about the heart when I was about 18 years old and that became my favorite subject. I hope to get a Master’s Degree and a PHD. When I’m 68 years old, I plan to retire and become a fashion designer. Though I love my doctor life, I would like to become a fashion designer because I love creating different clothes.

Dr. Remy's Biography

Hello my name is Dr. Remy; I am a neurologist. I am 25 years old and I am Dutch. I studied neurology for 10 years since my medical graduation. I know almost every brain sickness there is. I have been part of Remedy Medical for 5 years.