Name: Sean
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sean has never recieved vaccination shots, and he stepped on a nail a week ago. Even after he stepped on the nail he didn't tell his parents that he needed to get the vaccination.

Symptoms and Diagnoses

Symptom: Sean has locked jaw and muscle spasm.
Diagnoses: He has tetanus also known as lock jaw.
About tetanus: Tetanus is a disease that gives you muscle spasm and a locked jaw. It affects the immune system (becuase it's a disease), nervous system (because you get spasm) and the muscular system (because the muscels are the ones getting spasm). Locked jaw is part of the symptoms and it makes your jaw stay closed or stay open. Muscle spasms are also part of the symptoms and they make your muscles in a part of the body(leg) move without you wanting it to move.

Solutions of What the Patient must do to be Healthy

Without any vaccinations, for what other diseases may Sean be at risk?
Without any vaccinations, Sean can get chicken pox, mumps, measles, small pox, polio, tuberculosis, and different types of flu.

How do vaccinations work to prevent diseases?
Vaccinations trick your immune system into thinking that a virus has entered the body so that if your body gets the virus again, your immune system already knows what the virus is and can defend your body from it very easily. Basically, vaccinations train your immune system.

What should Sean do to become healthier?
Sean should get his vaccinations as soon as possible or he could be at risk of dying. He should also watch where he's walking and wear shoes with thick soles.

What resources are available to help him?
The resources that could help Sean are doctors that give vaccinations. Sean should also go to the site called
Site for Sean:

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Here lies the nail that was stepped on by Sean.

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