Calling Dr. Gomez! Calling Dr. Gomez!

As your Chief-of-Staff, I want you to know about a system called your excretory system, also known as your urinary system!

The main parts of this system are your:
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This system is important because it carries away the waste products from your blood. Dr. Gomez has a little advice for you. To keep your bladder healthy, drink a lot of water and use the toilet when you need to. Holding your urine inside of you for too long can lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and even kidney infections!

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Q: How can examining my urine help a doctor to help me?

Dr. Gomez's Answer: Your urine can be tested for sugars, hidden blood cells, bacteria, and other things that can indicate an illness. Sometimes they do this with a test strip. These test strips can tell you if you maybe diabetic, have an infection in your body, or even if you are going to have a baby!