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Dear readers, my name is Dr. Annika. I went to school in London Private International school until I was 7 years old.
Then I went to the Normandie International School in France until I graduated. When I graduated from high school I went to Stanford Medical School. There I met Dr. Nadia and Dr. Hyun Ju. We graduated from university and we left together and worked at the World-Wide medical Center in Paris, France. I am working there as an Orthopedic Surgeon. If you need any medical advice contact us at World-Wide Medical Center.

Dr Sam Michael Joseph Bio-
I am currently 26 years old. I have graduated from the top medical school in the world. (The school is in the sky.)It is too secret to say out loud. I was at the top of my class. The medical school was of very high standards and you have to be perfect. I am studying neurology which I have almost mastered and will be treating patients in a matter of days. I am of high standards, intelligent and I love to treat patients. My hobbies are searching the internet for a cure to cancer, Reading books and studying neurology. I have traveled the world for a cure to infectious diseases.

Thank you, This has been a message from Dr Sam Joseph Michael.

Hi, My name is Dr. Hyun Ju. My parents were all immunologists. I was home-schooled by my parents studying immune system. I went to many countries to study about immune system. When I went to Germany I went to private medical school. I studied there for 15 years. After that I went to Stanford Medical School. When I went there I met Dr. Annika and Dr. Nadia. There we graduated and together we went to World-Wide medical Center. Now I am 23 years old and now I am working here as immunologist.

Hi, this is Dr. Nadia,
I am 24 years old working as a cardiologist. I went to America to study in an international school. After that, I became interested in medicine. After 2 years of working at the side of Dr. Voghtlander in Africa, I furthered my studies in Stanford medical School. There I met Dr. Hyun Ju and Dr. Annika. Together, we are now working as specialists in the World-Wide Medical Center.