Welcome to the Medical Maniacs homepage!!

Our doctors are:
Dr. Matilda: Gastroenterologist
Dr. Katie: Neurologist
Dr. Arfan: Cardiologist
Dr. Thomas: Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Michael: Pulmonologist
Dr. Leah Mae: Immunologist

Dr. Thomas's Biogaraphy

Hello I’m a very young doctor called Dr. Thomas (skeletal muscle man.) I’m 22 years old and when I was 4 years old I had 3 diplomas for medical school. So as I grew up I became a better doctor and now I have more than 500 diplomas all for excellent work. I’m the Orthopedic Surgeon in the clinic I work in. The clinic is called “Medical Maniacs.” Don’t worry about the Maniac part because we care for you with a lot of respect. So don’t be scared to visit us once. You will come out perfectly normal. I have an IQ of 1000 just like my friend Dr. Arfan, the cardiologist in the clinic. I hope you come to the clinic someday because we are the best in the universe. So come on down to the Medical Maniacs clinic.

Yours truly,
Dr. Thomas

Dr. Arfan's Biography

Hello, My name is Dr. Arfan. I am from California, America I am the finest cardiologist in the planet. I work at the Medical Maniacs the best clinic in the world. I think the staff in this clinic is the best. Don’t worry about the “Maniac” part, my stupendous staff in the clinic will give you respect like gold. I studied in Oxford University studying all the human body system for 1 year then I went to Harvard and studied the cardiovascular system. In Harvard, I graduated there when I was 14. I have a Masters degree, a PhD, and an IQ of 134,830 so I am very intelligent. I am currently living in Rome, Italy. On behalf of my staff and me we all give the best hospitality in our clinic. Our clinics are in every country in the world so make sure to go to our clinic anywhere anytime.

Best regards,
Dr. Arfan

Medical Dr. Michael's Biography

Hello, my name is Doctor Michael. I am specialized in pulmonology which is the study of the lungs. My IQ is 1 followed by a trillion zeroes. I have won the novel prize from 1980 to 2006. I am born in 1960 so I am 46 years old. I have studied pulmonology for 40 years. I have been in medical school when I was 6 years old. I have a 5-storey mansion in Beverly Hills, America and I work in Rome, Italy. I have a Master degree on pulmonology and a PhD. For my free time, I teach young students in the University of Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. I love to travel and cook. I am a member of the MENSA community and a graduate of Yale University. I am the most trustable surgeon for respiratory disorders. I am also famous for finding the cure for SARS and asthma. Thank You~!

Best Regards,
Medical Doctor Michael L.

Dr. Katie's Biography
Hello I’m Dr. Katie!!! I am 26 years old. I was born in Paris, France February 7, 1980. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers (a very large family!!!) named Lisa, Tyla, Piper, Calum and Lee. I can fluently speak (but not read) French, German, Swedish, Canadian, Spanish, Mandarin, Norwegian, and Bahasa. I went to Cambridge University and became best friends with Dr. Tilly. I currently live and work in Rome and work at Medical Mania clinic with Dr. Tilly, Dr. Arfan, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Leah Mae, and Dr. Michael.

Dr. Leah Mae's Biography
My name is (Dr.) Leah Mae. I am an immunologist from Jakarta. I now work for the Medical Maniacs Clinic. Don’t let the name fool you because we are very experienced doctors. I graduated from Oxford university in 1983 when I was just 18. I then joined a medical school and graduated top of the class. I have now been a doctor for almost 10 years. I can speak 8 different languages (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Danish, Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish) so there will be no communication problems. Our clinic is located in Rome.

Dr. Matilda's Biography
I am Dr. Matilda (Tilly).
I was born in Norway on the 14th of September 1980.
I was brought up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers named:
We were all born in Norway and attended Georgia Everson Private School. I no how to speak Norwegian, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Bahasa. After that, I went to Cambridge University and I studied the Digestive System. After three years of studying I was selected into Cambridge Medical School. I then became a Gastroenterologist.
I am now working in Rome at the Medical Maniac clinic.