Mr. Henshaw

Mr. Henshaw is a 45-year-old man. He came to the Saint Twist Emergency Room vomiting blood. Doctors found out that he was heavily drinking alcohol since high school. His drinking caused him to lose his job but he is unable to stop. The alcohol poisoned his brain and if he continues drinking, he will be addicted to it. Alcohol causes sickness, infects muscle spasm, and causes death.
Alcohol slows down your central nervous system down and it's probably the most popular drug in the world. If you drink lots of alcohol, you can get alcoholism. (A disease that you get after drinking) Doctors say that adults should only have one glass of alcohol a day and that children shouldn't have any at all. You shouldn't drink alcohol before you are going to drive in your car because then you could forget the directions, fall asleep, or you could drive into a place that you don't know. If you drink too much, you could get sick and die.

The Solution.
We have set up appointments with our special doctors, which are specialized in your problems since their systems connect to it. Dr. Lilian, Dr. Philip, Dr. Haniff, and Dr. Lara shall help you get better. Once a week you can come and see them. We have also set up a 12-step solution for you at a special center for alcoholics. If this does not succeed, you can go to the Medical Center for Alcoholics and stay here. This is a special hospital for alcoholics. You shall get special medicine to cure and enough rest. We suggest you come and see us tomorrow.
Another solution that can help Mr. Henshaw is to not drink a lot of alcohol anymore so that he can become healthy again. It would be good to stop drinking alcohol because then it won’t slow your central nervous system down and your brain wouldn’t be poisoned. He can get a Liver disease called Cirrhosis. When he drinks, the alcohol goes to the blood stream and causing the liver cells to die. So the Liver will stop working and it is really dangerous.

Why are you vomiting blood?
You are vomiting blood because the alcohol in your stomach makes it bleed or there is a tear in small blood vessels in your throat or in your lower esophagus *. This is called Hematemasis. Stomach caner is also known as a Gastric cancer. It can start in any part of your Stomach. Doctors and Scientists don’t know what causes Stomach cancer but there are several possibilities. You can get it by alcohol abuse and that is how Mr. Henshaw got Stomach cancer and vomiting blood.

*Pathway for food to pass down to the stomach

Here is a picture about alcohol:



Here are some pictures about a healthy liver and a alcoholic liver:

Alcoholic Liver Healthy Liver


How do you stop drinking?

1.) Create a list of reasons of why you want to stop drinking
2.) Make a plan. Write down a schedule and hang it on your regrigerator.
3.) Share the plan with different people.
4.) Try this plan for 30 days.
5.) After trying this plan, try to do it longer. In this way, you'll learn how to stop from drinking.

What different medinices are availible?

You need some help if you stop drinking, especially if you depend on it.

1.) Go to Alcoholic Anonymous. This is a world-wide medical center that helps you stop drinking.
2.) See health professionals!
3.) Look at alcohol Treatment Here.