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What do our muscles and bones do for us?
Our bones give protection, storage, movement, and blood cell formation. Our muscles give us movement, makes our heart work, and makes your organs work and your blood circulateWe have three types of muscle, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and skelatal muscle.Both our muscular and skelatal systems work together to make our body work.

Keep them healthy!
It is important to keep your muscles and bones healthy because things can happen. If we don't exercise our muscles can get weak, and then it would be hard to get back on track and start exercising again. this is because for a long period of time you have not been exercising and if you try to exercise again it will be hard to exercise again.

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What are muscles?

Without muscles we can't live. A muscle makes you breath. A muscle helps you stand on your feet. A muscle allows you to write a lot more!
The muscles in your body are made out of tissues. There are three kinds of muscle tissure in your body. One is called the smooth muscle which is found in your blood vessels. Another type is called the cardiac muscle, which is found in your heart. Finally there are the skeletal muscles which are on your bones. If you are going to be doing a lot of exercise then you should first warm up your muscles so that you don't get injured.
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Skeletal Muscle
Skeletal muscle is attatched to your bones to make movement. For an example, on you arm you have bones, to make your arm bone move you need a muscle. Your muscle sticks to your bone and your muscle functions to make your bone move. Your skeletal muscle is the muscle that is on your bones.
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Cardiac Muscle
Cardiac muscle is found in the heart. How else do you think your heart pumps blood. Your heart needs muscle to keep it going. Cardic muscle must be very strong because your heart works non-stop.
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Smooth Muscle
Smooth muscle is found in you organs and blood vessels. Have you ever heard the saying "Don't move a muscle?". Well that's impossible because you have cardiac muscle and smooth muscle. Your organs function without you knowing it! For an example, you are always digesting food all the time, you can't control it! Also your blood is circulating your body all the time. You can't even feel it.

What is inside a bone?

On the outside of a bone, you have the cartilage and the compact bone. There are blood vessels outside of the bone too.

On the inside of a bone, there is the marrow, the spongy bone, and there are also blood vessels inside so that blood can flow through the bone and back out. There are two types of marrows. There is the red marrow which makes red blood cells. There is also a yellow marrow, which stores fat. The marrow is sometimes found in the spongy bone.

Dr. Malaika says....

Why do we need bones?

We don’t need bones only to keep us up we also need them to protect us from injuring our organs:
The heart is protected by the ribs and the brain is protected by the skull.

We need bones for storage:
The bones store minerals that help the nerves and the muscles work properly. The arm and leg bones store fat to use as energy.

We need bones for movement:
The muscles around the bones pull on the bones to make movement. Without your bones the muscles won’t be able to pull on the bones and you won’t be able to move.

What can happen to our bones and muscle?

If you fall or kick too hard you couldn't break a bone you could pull it. You could also pull a muscle if you don't stretch the right way.

Facts about the muscle

1. Muscle is contractile tissue of the body and is derived from the mesodermal layer of embryonic germ cells.
2. The muscle’s function is to produce force and motion, with either locomotion or movement within the internal organs.
3. Much of muscle contraption occurs without conscious thought and is necessary for survival, like the contraption of the heart or peristalsis, which pushes food through the digestive system.

A bone is a hard or stiff tissue. Though bones are not hard on all its surface only on the middle, at the end (on the joints) there is cartilage. The human body has 206 bones as an adult and a kid has about 330 bones! Your skeleton is made up of many bones connected together by ligaments. To be able to move your bones we have joints. Three types of joints are the Hinge Joint that makes you bend like in your knee; also there is the ball-and-socket Joint that makes your bones go round like in your arm. ast there is the Sliding Joint that makes your bones slide like in your hand/knuckels.
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This is an example of a hinge joint.

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Dr. Gabriela's Tips to help your bones stay well.
  • Drink three glasses of milk everyday it makes your bones stronger. Your bones can get something called osteoporosis (the weakness of bones). This cause many peole to fracture there bones.
  • Calcium makes your bones stay well such things as yogurt.
  • Also doing exercises is good for your bones such as runing.
  • Always stretch before doing any physical exercise, or it may cause a bone injury
  • Some foods that have clacum are cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, soy beans, black beaans, navy beans,spinach etc.
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This is an example of osteoporosis.

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Why do we need muscles? What is a muscle?

We need muscles because if we did not have any than we would be dead. Muscles help
pump our blood and if all of our muscles rested at a single time we would become unconscious and collapse. A muscle is a soft tissue made up of cells, or fiber.

Types of muscles:

  • Smooth muscles
  • Skeletal muscles
  • Cardiac muscles

Some names of muscles:

  • Hamstring
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calf
  • Bottom
  • Diaphragm

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Some helpful information from Dr. Devon:
allways strech before doing a sport.
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There are 3 types of joints:
The ball and socket joint, which is in your shoulder moves like a joystick.
The sliding joint is in your wrist.
The hinge joint is in your arm and moves like a door.
Cartilage helps your joints move smoothly and without them you would be paralyzed in a position.
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What happens when your muscle on your calf tears?
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This is called a Torn Calf Muscle or a Calf Strain when your muscle on your lower leg is slightly torn. A way to know that you have a torn calf muscles is when you feel like you've been kicked in the calf and you hear a sudden pop.You start to feel pain on the calf, it feels like it's swelling or bruised, and you have problems standing on your toes.
A Torn Calf Muscle happens when your running really fast and all of a sudden you change direction, and it is forced to stretch.

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What happens when the muscles on your thigh is torn?
Skeletal Muscle
This is called a Groin Pull, when your adductor muscle is stretched from its normal limits, this is called a muscle strain. Usually a muscle strain are some tears of some muscle fibers but the muscle tissue remains together.

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