Welcome to Our New Hospital, Safety First!
Each specialist is unique in everyway below is where you will find information about them.


Dr. Josiah Bio:
Hi my name is Dr. Josiah Van Aaron I’m 33 years old. I graduated from Harvard University (the best university in the world) and now I’m taking up the immune system. I’m going to be an immunologist soon so hope I pass. My hobbies are plying video games, playing soccer and other sports I also like music. I found the cure for any bacteria or any organisms to come in the body.

Dr. Felicia’s Bio-
Hi, My name is Felicia. I skipped 5th grade and I graduated in Oxford university in London, I am 20 years old and I work in the Safety First organization and I got a degree in Science, art and music;I maved to Malaysia and I wanted to be a doctor when I was just . My work is a pulmonologist, I study and work on the human lung.

Dr. Stephan's Bio:
Hi, my name is Dr. Stephan Kaininator. I graduated from Harvard Medical School. I am 32 years old. I have the cure for cancer and for the common cold. My hobbies are playing soccer, playing in the orchestra of Harvard, curing sick people, and playing video games. I was in the top 10 doctors in the world.

Dr. Kay Lynn’s Biography

Hi my name is Kay Lynn and I am a multi million American/Chinese that is 21 years old.I skipped grade 2,4,and 6. I went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and got a degree in music and art, when I was only 19. I met one of my colleagues in university called Maya. I moved to the US and wanted to be a doctor. I studied and got a degree and medical school and working at the Safety First Clinic, New York. I get paid 10,000 US dollars a month and live in a big luxurious house near the clinic and next to Maya's house. I’m an only child and my mum and dad work a hospital. I am a Gastroenterologist and I own the Mona Lisa!My hobbies are drawing,listing to music, and hanging out with friends and family. If you need help ask me!

Dr.Maya Hirome's Biography

Konichiwa!(Hello in Japanese) My name is Maya and I'm from Japan,Malaysia, and America, I am 22 years old. I skipped grade 1,6th grade and 12th grade, I went to Harvard University where I met a colleague there, Kay Lynn. I got a degree as a doctor and for animation(anime), I work as a doctor and an animator, now I am working at Safety First along side with my friend Kay Lynn. I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon an expert at the Muscular/Skeletal System. As a job as an animator too I earn about $20,000 a month. I have a nice big house all to myself with my latest drawings and ideas, next to Dr.Kay Lynn's house! I have two brothers one older, one younger, my older brother is an animator too for Shonen Jump and CLAMP. I will be attending to you shortly.