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Dr. Willemijn's Biography:

My name is Willemijn, and I am 21 years years old. I am the Immunologist. My nationality is Dutch and there I went through a medical school called Stanford, and learned a lot about your body, especially about the immune system.. After that I went to Australia, and started working with dr. Ji Ihn. Then we travelle around and we met: Dr. Lara,Dr. Haniff, Dr. Phillip, and Dr. Lilian. I really like it, and I hope we soon can open our clinic named: Saint Twist Medical Clinic (STMC)!

Dr. Lara’s Biography

Hi, my name is Dr. Lara and I graduated from Harvard Medical University (HMU) in 1998. I then went to Oxford University to study about the Skeletal and Muscular system in 2003. I also met Dr. Lilian there and started working together in the St. Twist Clinic! I am 25 years old and I was born in Australia but lived in Europe for most of my life. Since I was ten years old, I always wanted to be a doctor. The other clinic members that work in St. Twist are Dr. Willemijn, Dr. Haniff, Dr. Ji Inn, Dr. Lilian, and Dr. Philip. I have to work almost everyday since a lot of people come in with a sprained bone or a pulled muscle. Now I love working as an Orthopedic Surgeon!

Dr. Philip’s Biography

Hello, my name is Dr. Philip. I am a Gastroenterologist, which means a person who teaches about digestive system in our human body. I live in America and when I was 17 years old, I had graduated from “The American College of Gastroenterology” and now I am 26 years old. Right now, I am the Professor of “The American College of Gastroenterology.” I really love this college and teaching people. I used to teach people in Oxford University. I used to be friends with the other doctors with Dr. Willemijn, Dr. Haniff, Dr, Ji Inn, Dr. Lillian and Dr. Lara. I wish to have a good time teaching my students in this

Dr. Lilian Biography

Hi, I am Dr. Lilian and I graduated from Specialist Clinic University in 1987 and then went on to learn about the nervous system at Neurologist Specialty Medical Learning Center (NSMLC), in 1995. Then I studied at Oxford University to learn about other systems. I met Dr. Lara, the Orthopedic Surgeon, working now in Saint Twist medical Clinic. After my grand exams in 1999, finally my dream came true, to be a neurologist. Now, waiting for my exams to enter and to open my clinic, I am communicating with other neurologists and talking about the system’s injuries.

Dr. Haniff's Biography

I, Dr. Haniff am a very pleasant but strict medical doctor. I am a first-class doctor and the finest doctor in the continent. I am an excellent cardiologist and I study the cardiovascular system in the St. Twist Medical Clinic, one of the best clinics in the world. I have to say I am better than the rest of the staff in the wonderful clinic. It is my pleasure to work in a superior clinic such as this. I thank the staff for helping me learn about their different and interesting specialties. I have a Masters Degree, PH.D and I have won the Nobel prize 4 times I have an IQ of 134, 800 so I think I am pretty intelligent. I graduated out of the University of Harvard when I was 11 years old. I am currently living in Vienna, Austria and am living with my roommate, Sebastian and my pet tiger named Althea. I am hoping to retire at the age of 29 and move to Rome to study to become an architect or a professional wrestler. I play the violin and drums. It is very easy to learn music in Vienna for Vienna is known as the the city of Music. I wish you will have a long life and stay fit or you will end up having heart decease and this is where I come in. Thank you.

Dr. Ji Ihn's Biography

Hi, my name is Dr. Ji Ihn (You can call me dr. Sam) I am 31. I just graduated in 2006 I went to U.S.O.M.S, which means United States oxford medical school. I am a Pulmonologist. I now live in Australia, which is really fantastic. I started University at 1995 and ended at 2006. I learn about lungs and the Respiratory System, the trachea, bronchiole, bronchi, Pharynx, and Larynx. The Doctors in St. Twist is Dr. Willemijn, Dr. Haniff, Dr. Ji Inn, Dr. Lilian, and Dr. Philip.