Shana at Best Medicals

We have recently obtained a new patient named Shana. This is her bio:
Name: Shana
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Problem: Took illegal drugs from a party and is in a coma.

Symptoms: Unconsciousness. Shana also went into a coma, shortly after taking drugs at a party.

Diagnoses: Drug overdose.

Shana was found unconscious at a party by her friends and was sent to Best Medicals. After interviewing and testing her, we found that she was using illegal drugs.

What effect can this disease have on the systems of her body?

Nervous system: Stimulants make your body functions work faster, and that makes you all wired . It fires up your central nervous system, that sends your heart beating above its normal rate. Depressants, depress the Central Nervous System (CNS), and make one feel sleepy. Hallucinogens make people see things that aren’t actually there, and they make people so nervous, that it is impossible for them to function! Inhalants, that are chemicals found in consumer products such as aerosols and cleaning solvents, are also harmful for the Nervous System.
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Below is a picture of how the Brain is affected from some drugs.
external image InvestigBrainondrugs.jpeg
Pic. from:
By Dr. Mahera, Neurologist

Respirtory system: All the drugs that Shana has taken, can cause her serious lung cancer, so there is a big chance of her having lung cancer.
Dr. Emma, Pulmonologist

Digestive system:
The drug smoking can cause disorders of all parts in the digestive system. Diseases such as heartburn and peptic ulcers. Peptic ulcer is an open sore in the lining of the stomach or duodenum.
By, Dr. Bryan, Gastroentorologist

Immune system:

Cardiovascular system:

Muscular-skelatal System:

The possible drugs which Shana could have taken are:
PCP (Angel Dust); LSD (Acid); Mescaline; Peyote; Mushrooms
Results: Coma, heart and lung failure.

GHB, also known as gamma hydroxybutyric.

Downer or also known as depressants.

What Resources are Available for a Healthier and Better Lifestyle?
  • Shana can go to a drug rehabilitation center.
  • Shana should not hang around people who could have influenced her in taking drugs.
  • Shana could take Yoga classes, as it might relax her, and help her realise that drugs are not the answer to peace, and fun.